Yesterday I decided to make pikelets for afternoon Tea. Sometimes I have this Idea but am put off by the  cooking process and additional washing up. I had another light bulb moment! Cook the pikelets in the waffle maker! Yay, sweet equally proportioned pikelets cooked without butter, taking a little less of my attention and the waffle iron is easier to clean than the electric fry pan too!

Pikelets cooked in the waffle maker.

Pikelets disappear fast around here but make a great snack so I made a double batch and put the leftovers in the freezer, I could easily reheat these or let them thaw and pop in lunch boxes for School treats.

Pikelets ready for freezing

Pikelet recipe can be found here 



  1. I made pikelets last night, but mine look nowhere near as impressive as yours!

  2. Good idea to use the waffle iron. They look lovely.

  3. One thing I've never had Tammy is a waffle iron. They look absolutely gorgeous. Certainly spruces up the humble old pikelet.

    Anne xx

  4. Pikelets are a favourite around here. My girls love them with chocolate chips too but this only happens sometimes. I love your idea about putting them in the waffle iron, very clever. xo

  5. Hi, they look wonderful. I love waffles. I live near Belgium and they eat a lot of waffles, just as a dish, with whipped cream and sugar, or with strawberries, or with syrup !!
    Have a great day.

  6. Oh Yum, what a nifty idea. I have been looking all over melbie for a waffle iron.. I may as well be looking for hens teeth, I swear they are hard to find... well under $100.


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