This week

... went by in a blur. 

I made more wreaths.
I planted Seeds.
I re potted seedlings

Willow wreaths

I planted out seedlings and took cuttings.
Also a few 'spots' of weeding.
I deactivated my face book account.
My itch to sew/make pretty clothes grew.

Pile of weeds

I tore down decaying broken trellis.
I put up wire and trellised berries.
I cleaned out the pergola.
I discovered Jackie French and ordered some of her books.

Torn down trellis

I caught up on the washing ( laundry )
I Painted a window frame 
I Wrote some lists.
I Saved some money.
I Took lots of photos.

Line drying washing

I breathed lots of fresh air and got lots of sunshine.
I had a new friend and her children over for morning Tea.
I spent a lot of time thinking about another friend recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Now its Saturday the week is passed, rain is forecast, the fire is burning again and my attention turns to indoor things... Wait, wasn't that my intention at the start of the week? Are you having a home weekend too or heading out with some plans? Whatever your plans I hope you have a beautiful weekend. 


  1. Jackie French - Words to live by indeed. She inspires me. You inspire me too...I'm kicking myself again this year that I didn't make good use of my grape and apple prunnings. Your wreathes are so lovely. I would like to give basket making a go too.

  2. A busy week indeed!

    How and why did you deactivate your Facebook account? I'm having similar considerations.

  3. Love your wreaths. Sound like it was a very full week. Jackie French books are wonderful to read - fairly local and with a wacky sense of humour. I have her Backyard self sufficiency and her Chook Book. Which ones did you get? Sometimes I wonder too about my fb account..

  4. busy busy busy!! It is certainly the season for busy in the garden :)

    I've never been a fan of Jackie French thanks to her segments on Burkes Backyard many moons ago...but I imagine her books would be full of useful information.

    Enjoy a quieter, indoor weekend :)

  5. Perfect weather for spending it outside getting stuck into some gardening. x

  6. Wow you did heaps this week,made me tired just reading it all. All i have planned for tomorrow is ironing ironing and ironing, oh and Joe has to come up with a dish for Tafe that has a WOW factor so we will be experimenting tomorrow.
    enjoy your Sunday

  7. Oh Tammi! That certainly was a week and a half. Yes, I'd also like to hear more about your retreat from FB as I'm having similar doubts about it. J x

  8. sounds like a busy week Tammy...mine is pouring buckets of rain here all weekend, so no more gardening for a few days...but baking instead.


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