Still pottering along.

No, I have not found that elusive spring rhythm yet but am still working on it! 
I just wanted to share this little tip with you. When potting something in a large (heavy) terracotta pot, upturn a smaller plastic pot inside it and create a cavity. This makes the pot lighter and it wont take as much potting mix to fill it.

 Of course this won't work for all plants, it depends on the root system and drainage of the pot too but for this herb pot with no drainage I think it will work well and sure beats filling the bottom with rocks. The alpine strawberry seedlings were planted out into this yesterday.

Today there is washing (laundry), floor cleaning, painting and more planting on my radar.
Happy day to you . xx



  1. Great idea!
    Glad you are enjoying Spring :)

  2. Ohhh I have one of these pots. I killed the strawberries as I just was not watering it enough. Might seal it so it does not dry so quickly. This time I think herbs might be the trick...

  3. That is a brilliant idea. Thanks for that Tammy.


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