Scrap booking

This page is one of my favourites put together with my last Tarisota kit.
What makes the page for me is the photo. An imperfect snapshot of just that moment. I remember coming out that morning and taking this pic. It was soon after we moved in here, the morning light was filtering into the room and Big sis was reading.

It warmed my heart to see them looking so comfortable and happy.
Sharing  and content for this moment after such Chaos and upheaval in the previous months. It sat well with me emotionally as an indication to how they would settle into our new home. Those feelings resurge when I look at this page, it really fills my heart with the good stuff.

 Its raining here this morning so some craft might be on the cards. What do you have planned? 
Happy Tuesday. x


  1. It's a lovely soft photo of your two little ones enjoying a quiet moment together. Very peaceful too. Lovely layout Tammy. xo


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