Refashion a Man's shirt

I made one of Dave's old cast off business shirts into a summer play dress for Miss 7!

I took off the collar, some of the width and sleeves. I still wanted good shoulder coverage and a nice light breath ability for summer so I left armholes very wide. I originally had a button front tying in the back but she did not like the buttons.

So I closed up the button opening and put the extra buttons in my tin, leaving only the top two at the neck opening. The big oversized pocket - good for treasures and companions, is made from the top curve of the sleeve, turned inside out for contrast and the cut down cuff. Ties are made from the length of one of the sleeves and now pulled to the front for visual balance.

Dress not only good for play but also Apple eating!

This was a really easy refashion, I like to use existing seams and lines of fabric where possible to minimise work. All I sewed here were the ties, side seams, arm opening hems, pocket and front closure. Most of it straight line sewing. The gathering and assembly of the pocket was the part that took the longest time.
A very thrifty addition to her spring/summer wardrobe.

I'm playing along with our creative spaces too.


  1. well done T!!
    It looks great, and I bet it felt great to pull the sewing machine out again :)

  2. looks fantastic, too clever xx

  3. It's great... I especially adore the before shot!!

  4. That looks great. I need to try a bit of refashioning for my boys wardrobes. Well done

  5. I REALLY like that *mentally files idea away for future use*

  6. Looks great! What a fab idea

  7. Clever idea and very summery indeed!

  8. Great idea Tammy and it looks so good.

  9. you are so clever. heres a link for you but you may already visit

  10. That turned out super cute! You're very clever to have refashioned that, love, love!

  11. It looks great Tammy. You did a fantastic job, clever you:) xo


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