Potting Shed Video Tour

I decided the easiest way to share my potting shed in detail was by walking you through :)
I am not a very good videographer though so please excuse the shaky and quick movements in places. There is a spot near the end I turn the camera sideways too ...wheee!

If you are going to watch might as well make a cuppa to drink while we look around its a long 8 minute tour :)


  1. Thankyou for the great little virtual tour.
    I bet you can't wait for those Strawberries to ripen. Ours here are at the same stage as yours and I know I cant wait to be eating those delicious homegrown berries.

  2. I loved your video:) seeing inside your potting shed and hearing about what you've got growing. It was lovely to put a voice to you too:) You did a great job Tammy. Thank you for showing us around:) xo

  3. Thank you for sharing his video!! I'm quite inspired!

  4. Tammy it was lovely to see around you potting shed, so tidy, and hear your voice.

  5. Love your video, it was great to see around your shed. Love your nest!

  6. How sweet of you to take the time to show us around! Thyme/time will tell? Love this! Could it be coriander tucked in amongst the thyme maybe? I recognise your freckle lettuce as 'Forellenschuss' (trout back or speckled trout) ;)

    Great to hear your voice and nice to see your kids using the space, too. :)

  7. @Christine the reason you recognise the lettuce is because you sent me the seed!! I didn't realise it was from you until today when I was wondering around. x

  8. Tammy lovely video. This house looks like it was made for you and your family, and i still am loving your wreaths.

  9. Thanks for the video Tammy! I loved it. I've made time for gardening on and off over the years, its been NOT so great since the kids have come along. One day I'd love a potting shed like yours. Fabulous!
    Funny video going sideways too. Happy potting about xo

  10. Great little tour Tammy. Lots going on in your little shed. Peter would love one of those potting sheds!

  11. O.k now i want a potting shed (poor hubby)! That was fun a nice change for a blog, thankyou.

  12. Great work Tammy. Would love to see you in it next time. I loved it. I could feel the Canberra cold. LOL

    Anne xx

  13. Thanks for sharing this little tour Tammy. You have inspired me to wander out into our garden too. Lots of interesting bits and bobs in your potting shed. Lovely to hear your voice narrating the video too - you sound just the way I imagined you would....lovely and friendly :)


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