New Headband

Mt sewing machine finally saw a little action when I whipped my self up a new headband this week.
All of this lovely Spring weather has put a Spring in my Step and a call for some more Sassy and Colourful accessories. Its green with Blue stitching on the reverse and my sewing machine performed beautifully :) Encouraging me to use her more.

It is quite difficult to take a photo of one self wearing a headband!
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  1. great idea! i'd love to make some that would just stay on!

  2. Great job.. of both the headband & the photography!

  3. Oh I love this, what a cute and clever idea, fab photo too!

  4. cute T!
    My fingers are starting to itch to sew again, must get my machine out soon!

  5. Such a lovely way to start the spring.

  6. Very sweet, Tammy! Love the fabric.

    Headbands must be a thing of spring..I've been yearning to make some 'kerchiefs the last couple of weeks - great for windy days spent outside. Perhaps over the weekend!

  7. Hi Tammy, I just came across your blog, and I'm enjoying reading it with a cup of coffee. Pretty headband,I wouldn't mind having a go at making one, did you use a pattern for it?

  8. it looks fantastic! so pretty :D

  9. The perfect accessory for Spring :)
    Love your new header Tammy.

  10. Very cute Tammy. You look ready for spring now:) xo

  11. I've been making scrunchies for my daughter out of vintage sheet scraps...these would be nice too!

  12. @Sam Hi Sam, No I didn't use a pattern i loosely based it on a tutorial I have used in the past but I can't remember where it was Sorry.


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