Making Wreaths - My Creative Space

My creative space this week is full of wreaths I have made from willow.
In addition to the two I shared during my potting shed vid I have these 4 as well. This is my most recent and rustic one.

These three are drying together.

One decorated with Rose Hips

One with a perch for a birdie or two.

And the smallest with lavender intertwined.

Though these are all made from essentially the same starting materials they each take on their own character and shape during the process of weaving and twining the pieces together, I never start with and end result in mind other than that of a circular shape. I start with a pile of assorted Pieces and the structure itself dictates where I add and what texture to adopt as it grows, its such a great and relaxing process.
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Happy Thursday. x


  1. The rosehips suit the wreath so nicely, I've never actually seen homemade willow wreaths before - they are gorgeous,

    Jem xXx

  2. They are so sweet! I love making wreaths too & when I was heavily pregnant 'supervising' my hubby whilst he gardened, I used to weave the weeds together!!!!

  3. They look great Tammy!

  4. Oh Tammy they are looking SO GOOD!

  5. the rose hips are so nice :)

  6. Tammy they've all turned out beautiful. You are very creative:) xo

  7. I love these! Now you have got me thinking what can I try this with in my garden:) Cyndy

  8. Hi from New Zealand, I have spent this week making wreaths as well, they are fun to make, cheers Marie

  9. Tammy they all look good. Enjoy your weekend.


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