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Not really making it, just adjusting it. Doing it myself. I'm currently slipping into a more frugal cycle of life and turning to DIY and such. I have talked about this Garden Bed before and decided ultimately it is impractical but don't want to be rid of it before we have seen out a full 12 months here and made the best decision. We are currently thinking remove this whole thing and put a veg bed elsewhere but for now I am halving it in size and getting it ready.

There is still a bit to do and I'm thinking I'll move the bottom edge down a bit and jiggle that corner as I would be happier if it was a truer square. I know its not ultimately important but I just want it to be 'right'. The following photo shows quite well where the bed extended to before, the olive tree was in one end of it.

Its slow going as I am moving the sleepers by myself and have a history of fragile lower back so I'm forcing myself to take a day off from this today .

Moving the end border in gives me scope to build it up a little more, the far end is quite clayish and the near end is really really full of eggshells which I am trying to disburse around a bit more evenly. I then plan to add some manure.

This will give us a starting bed with a size that is manageable for me and combined with what I can get going in the potting shed I am happy with that for our first year here.


  1. Lots of work ahead of you there....but it will be worth it....

    On my mind....

  2. It will be worth it to eat your own fresh vegetables, what do you plan to grow, Tammy?

    On my mind is tomatoes!

  3. @Sue xx I'm thinking potatoes and Zucchini but will see how I go as I get the bed up to speed my thoughts may change. :)

  4. The garden bed looks great Tammy. The hard work will be worth it when you are eating what you grow. We have been building beds for our garden too.

  5. You are doing a great job with it T, lots of heavy lifting and digging but yes, definitely worth it for the end prize :)

  6. I think that this will be a project you will update in the future and we will not believe the transformation!!

    You can do it!



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