A light bulb moment

I don't make my own pastry I buy it. However as it comes in these square sheets there are usually a lot of 'bits' left over. I often roll them up with some jam or honey and bake them but not always. 

I needed just a little bit more puff pasty a couple of nights ago and was thinking 'if only I could roll out these bits like I would with cookie dough .... '
Of course there was no reason I couldn't do that, I did and it worked beautifully I popped the left over back in the freezer, I'm not sure if it will refreeze nicely but thought it was worth a try.

The no waste light bulb was shining brightly that night! I can not believe I had never though to do this before. Have you ever had one of those moments? 


  1. Hi Tammy - I hate waste, so I always keep the "leftover" bits in the freezer and they work fine the next time around! M

  2. Tammy I just had one looking at your photo, not a no-waste one, but a light bulb moment. I never thought of making small pies/tarts in a muffin tin!


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