Lovely Links on Sunday

Hello to you this Sunny Sunday Morning. :) 
Last night I tucked some tomato seedlings into the greenhouse and a dwarf Meyer lemon tree. So there is some planting on today's agenda for me, Rain is forecast for the afternoon so some baking later on in the day I think. Dave has been busy painting in little Mr's room and I am so happy with the Dulux post boy ( blue ) on the walls I can't wait to show you a photo.

Plum Blossoms

This week I welcome new email subscribers and an unnamed follower via Google to Girls Wear Blue Too. Thanks for stopping by and joining in I hope you will say Hi sometime.

Here is some Sunday inspiration for you, my lovely links for this week ...
Kirsty at Bowerbird Blue is always up to something interesting.
As is Tanya from Suburban Jubilee
You will find pretty and plentiful colour inspiration from Jessica at Design Seeds
Something Delicious from Anne at Domesblissity
Pop on over to Lauras and see what her girls are up to at Our Wee Farm 
If you are after some stitching inspiration then you will find it from Florence at Flossie Teacakes

I hear my washing Machine beeping which is my cue to make hay while the sun shines. Well hang washing while the sun shines at least.
I'll share a recipe during the week and aim to get an update of the potting shed with a look at what is going on inside there for you and the usual bits and pieces I share :)

Happy Sunday people, I hope you have a great Day. x


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Tammy. I appreciate it. My washing machine is beeping too and I'm off to a 7yo boy's birthday party (with my daughter of course). Oh the fun! Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Anne xx


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