Happy Saturday :)

As a household we are not faring too well the last day or so. As a result I'm taking the easy way out for my lovely links Saturday and referring you to my links page which is currently always being updated.

A warm welcome to Michelle Mc who I know through twitter, Mamie Girl, Sam and Sami Veloso. Thanks for following along I hope you enjoy what I share :)

Ducks on a pond ( taken during our last holiday )

There were a couple of questions this week with no email address to reply to. Should I go back and respond in the comments section or do a round of answers on Saturdays? What do you think? I personally don't often go back to see if a comment has been responded to.

Tomorrow I'll share some of my Depression Era Glass pieces with you. :)
Happy Saturday.


  1. It's a bit like that here too Tammy. Trying to get motivated. Looking forward to your depression glass collection. I love it. I have a few nice pieces from my Nanna too.

    Have a nice weekend Tammy!

    Anne xx

  2. Thanks for welcoming me to your blog Tammy. Look forward to reading your posts. As I grow older, I too have decided to do away with chemicals and processed foods, since I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and our household has become a lot healthier. Not easy, but can be done and we all benefit from it.


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