Fathers day Wrapping

After looking at this picture you could be forgiven for thinking that we gave the Mr sewing supplies for Fathers day! 
When it came time for the wrapping we had no paper large enough. Had I been more organised and wrapped prior to the big day this may not have happened.

I usually recycle the paper we use for home gifts but as I searched through the stash and tried several options that failed the size test, I spied this length of Flanelette waiting to be washed and knew it was more than big enough. I secured it with some kitchen string.
The Flanelette was not from hobbysew. That bag contained some wool blend felt and batting I had purchased the day before. However, it was the perfect size to house the second part of the present and I was thinking how easily bags like this could be personalised by covering the store logo and recycling as a gift bag. 

 In our home Fabric has now been proclaimed to be the best wrapping paper ever as it doesn't rip and can be used again.
Cutting and hemming some fabric wraps has been added to my creative to do list.

I hope you have a lovely week laying in waiting for you x


  1. Now that's a clever piece of repurposing! But Tammy, what was in the parcel??

  2. I love the wrapping :) At christmas time we often put gifts in pillow cased and just tie up the top with ribbon, it saves so much wrapping paper!

  3. LOL, perfect solution Tammy :)

  4. great idea and tea towels make great wrapping paper as well. I am forever cutting flowers from my cricut to cover logos on gift bags a great way to re-use them.
    hope your Mr had a fabulous fathers day.

  5. Great idea Tammy....very clever thinking.


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