Fancy Pants

My Girl grows taller quite frequently but her girth is not increasing much, which  means we often have pants that look like Pedal pushers or that are long enough but in danger of falling down falling down. These two pairs were from last winter and still fit in the waist, the purple pair got paint on them in the room redo.

I decided to make two into one. My fancy pants idea inspired by Kate and Emily.
I cut a length off the purple pair at the cuff and a section from the leg above it the purple pair can be play shorts now :) I pinned the purple cuff inside the black leg with a little peeking out adding a tiny bit of length.

I added some broderie and a strip of cute fabric for looks.

I cut the black pair at where I estimated knees might be and added the purple strip in. Now she is the proud owner of a pair of 'fancy pants' that fit - for a little while

Sorry about these grainy dark pics. I'll try and get some better ones and swap them later today :)

Thats just one of the things have been up to in my creative space this week!


  1. oh! clever girl!!
    Any little girl would love a pair of fancy pants :)

  2. That's such a good idea! Fabulous :) Kx

  3. Wow, they look really cute and lovely. I bet your daughter loves them. Clever mum!

  4. That's a brilliant way of making them last a little longer - very cute too!

    Jem xXx

  5. Brilliant Tammy, I have so much I need to alter or upcycle too. Some fab ideas floating around right now, just need to make some time to do a whole bunch. Its so great that this type of thing is happening. Why spend more all the time when we can make do & in fact maker BETTER! Great job.
    K xo

  6. They are gorgeous! I am sure they will be loved :)
    I wish I had that problem with my big girl, she grows so slowly, her little sister (3.5 years younger) will soon be as tall as her!

  7. Those are awesome!!!

    LOve the fril and pictures at the bottom of the legs. Very cool.

  8. I will have to try that! so Brilliant!

  9. Tammy that is such an awesome idea and it extends the life of something that would otherwise be tossed :)

  10. Tammy these look so good and very pretty. I bet your girls loves to wear them:) xo

  11. better than what you started with! great idea!

  12. They look fantastic Tammy!
    I like them better than before too. So much fun. Bet she loves them.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. they're lovely, no much wonder she loves them so much.
    Is there enough length left in the lilacy ones for a pair of summer shorts??


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