Busy, Busy, Busy.

Hello lovely readers! and a most friendly Welcome to the blog one new Google friend Monique @ seasonal Simplicity!

This is our first Spring in this home and goodness my days are busy. I'm quite productive outside but not so indoors and have neglected the nest this week. I had planned a day of home love yesterday but a large Chemical fire burning in an industrial estate 15 km away saw the Schools closed for the day. So with two kiddies home that plan did not stand as I had held it to be in my mind.

Last weekend I asked the Mr to help me remove the sleepers from the garden bed I was downsizing. The first pic is the picture I showed here a couple of weeks back. The sleeper on the right of the image was decomposing more than the others and when we pulled the bottom ( near edge ) one away it was the same. The two larger ones from the old back section, seen in the background of this image, were still in pretty good condition so we swapped them out for those better ones.

I pruned the lower limbs from the olive tree to open it up now that you can walk through. I'm having a tough time getting that no longer needed star picket out though. So here it is now. Oh Mr mowed that weekend too. 

That pipe sticking out of the ground is part of a watering system of some sort it is buried and pops out of the ground again behind me. I have no idea where it's point of origin is though. There are lots of those sorts of things here.

During the week I was lucky to pick up two outfits for little miss from the Op shop, though they were not exactly good prices. the idea that I am supporting a charity rather than buying a cheap throw away clothing article from a retail store that would sell at the same price is what validated the purchases. I did get two great bargains there though! One was a big ( double bed I think ) satin bound wool blanket from Albany wool mills Australia, in perfect condition for $7.00 and a well constructed home made CD rack that stores my stamp sets beautifully for just two dollars. :)

I am planning a little blogging break for the following week but I hope to come back with lots to tell you. I really feel a need to find a daily rhythm for this season with its new joys, duties and responsibilities. I may pop in sporadically to share something as I can't honestly see myself being completely absent from my online home. :) I went out yesterday evening and took a lot of garden photos which I loaded as Scheduled posts to carry through a week on the garden blog  lots of pretty things there, new bulbs, new Camellias and Birds!

Lemon tree, Dwarf Meyer.

Have a lovely week, hug your loved ones and don't take anything for granted. I have a busy weekend planned and am off to embrace it and enjoy every bit of this lovely weather and soak up the experience of my fortunate life! xx



  1. Thank you very much for the warm welcome !! You have been very busy. Those railway sleepers are very heavy !
    I hope you can find the time to post in between the busy work. Have a great day.

  2. Enjoy your little break and planting out your patch.

    How sweet that you have welcomed Monique so beautifully. x


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