Behind Closed Doors.

In trying to think up ways to maximise storage with out spending a lot of Money the inside and back of doors show themselves to be the most under utilised storage space around!

We put one basket towards the top of each under sink door in the kitchen This puts essential sink and everyday cleaning things in easy reach.

dishcloths, scourers and a few dusting rags.

Dish washing detergent, plugs, cleaning vinegar etc

In this house we have bigger living spaces than we had at our old place and more general storage however we reduced the size of our bedrooms and down sized personal wardrobe space in this home too.

hooks inside the door of the coat cupboard for bags

In the master bedroom I have used a three tier spice rack that I found in the clearance section of a hardware shop at the very top of the inside wardrobe door to store handbags and knick knacks that don't come out often. Below that there is a hook with a belt hanger that holds my scarves and belts. Having these here free's up some space on the upper shelf for seasonal rotation of clothes.

Storing Scarves, bags and belts

I have a few jackets I wear regularly and these are bulky and take up a lot of hanging space so I installed a hook and used some handles from a paper shopping bag tied with some macramé knots to add extra spaces and create less bulk. Who would have though my primary school macramé skills would be used again ? 

Storing Jackets 

The back of the bedroom door has this shoe rack attached again freeing up wardrobe space but minimising mess and utilising an otherwise overlooked place. I found this at Target for a little over $11.00. I think you could make something similar from wood and dowels if you were clever.

shoe storage
I hope that gives you some ideas you might be able to use or sparks and idea even!
Happy Monday x


  1. Some great ideas there Tammy. Wish I was so organised :)

  2. well done, Tammy. Another one I use a lot is the over the door hooks, providing the door will close with them on!

  3. You can never have enough storage can you? I like your ideas, it always feels good to have things organised and makes finding things much easier too. xo


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