Vintage Knitting Patterns.

While we were away my MIL was doing some major de-cluttering in preparation for property sale.
She put a large cardboard box on the floor and said it was full of knitting things and I should help myself to what I wanted.I took all the needles which I am sorting , miles of Yarn too, I'll share this bounty soon.
Today I just want to show you the paper goods I took from that box.

I kept this 40 year old baby book just because it was published in the year I was born. There are some beautiful pieces in it, the fonts used and paper quality hold much appeal too. Though I don't see myself ever knitting anything from it at this stage.

The next book I kept purely for its cheesy quirky imagery such as these.
( note the .30c price )

The cover was glossy paper with coloured ink but the interior pages are black and white.

Not a pattern but as a papercrafter how could I resist this genuine vintage button card?
Button cards are so popular in stamping right now :)

 Does Australia still have a Federal Council of Dry Cleaners? It sounds very official!


  1. Oh how cool to have access to stash like that. Nice finds fellow 71 baby ;o]
    Have a great day Tammy!

  2. How wonderful to have an equally crafty mother in law to be able to pass on some treasures for you to use and keep to admire. xo

  3. Tammy. Aren't those patterns just the best? I think my Mum has that second one, for sure! They make the best garments too.

    Anne xx

  4. owwwwoh lucky you inheriting all this stash!!! I gained my Grans lot. Put it away for years and now LOVING it!

  5. Oh lucky you Tammy, those patterns are just wonderful aren't they. And hey love love love thosebutton cards-i purchased the stamp set from PTI just to make the very same thing.
    Cant wait to see the next post with all of the needles.


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