Strawberries - On my mind

I'm thinking about Strawberries!
All the plants that I planted out into the garden are poking up through the mulch and showing good signs of growth.
A couple in the potting shed/greenhouse have flowers on them already :)

And the alpine strawberry seeds that I got from seed sticks Australia are starting to sprout too!

Yum, yum, yum!

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  1. I've been planting up strawberry plants this week.
    After this years disaster with the mice I've put them in strawberry bags at home on the patio. Hope we get a better crop.

  2. Who doesn't love strawbs, Tammy? The children will love watching them grow.

  3. I noticed a strawberry flower on one of my potted plants today too, Tammy. Now it just needs to get a bit hotter so that baby can come up! x

  4. Hi Tammy, just visiting from Down to Earth. I have been planting more strawberries today. Just want that sun to come up and warm the ground a little to get them going.
    Lovely post.

  5. Our strawberries frosted and died. Hope yours give you lots of berries.

  6. I'm so excited...Hubby put in a strawberry patch for the first time this year. dreaming of the strawberries to come!


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