Potting Shed

Two weeks ago this was my potting shed /green house.
There were strawberries in a pot. A couple of Easter cactus cuttings. A sad Geranium.
Some alpine strawberry seeds and some potted tulips.
Weeds covering the ground out the front.

This following picture is my potting shed last Wednesday.

I have taken cuttings from the sick geranium. Taken my whole cactus in for a visit to the plant hospital - some TLC is in order. I put the strawberries up in the decorative hanger on the back wall. Planted lettuce seedlings that had volunteered in various spots. Red ones in a pot by the door. Planted round carrots and white Spanish Onion seedlings. Added a pink flowering strawberry to the mix. Planted seeds of Lettuce, nasturtium, Daisy and cherry tomato. Took my begonia in for a hospital visit and another spring flowering plant got a severe hair cut and a hospital stay.

I added a couple of large pots that I emptied of their previous deceased inhabitants. Also some more polystyrene boxes. The pots to the left of the door are empty of plants but still contain soil. The massive thing to the right of the door was up the back under a tree and about 1/4 full of what I assume to be compost, there were weeds growing in it and worms living in it :) 
I'm considering planting a lemon tree in it what do you think ?

I also planted a little ( on sale at Bunnings with no flowers ) Brachycome at the foot of the black tub. It has lots of buds. To the left of my shed is the compost bin and the water tanks.
There is a lattice shadow to the right in front, this is where I tied up the boysenberry canes...

and that is my potting shed, I'll give another update in the future.
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  1. Oh wow! I LOVE your potting shed...no wonder you have been pottering around in there so much lately :)
    I think a lemon tree would love to live in that big black pot!

  2. Definitely !! Do it....it will thrive and such a lovely spot!
    You must really be feeling at home Tammy...its nice to see you enjoying your new space...laying roots..making memories...xx

  3. What a great potting shed you have, such a great space to do your planting and save your back too. I think a lemon tree would work well in that black pot. Enjoy your day. x

  4. I have shed envy! :) That is such a great shed for our climate. Lovely with the paved floor too. I think the lemon tree is a great idea. My last one died in last November's frost, so as long as it's in a protected area (or even wheeled into the potting shed) it should be fine.

  5. Oh, a plant hospital, how wonderful! Now, there is another thing to add to my list of the vision of our next home. xxx.


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