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My Creative space this week has been sorting Yarn and knitting needles ( which I will share soon ) and I'm committing to working my way through some WIP's. First up on my list was closing up the opening on these cute Scrappy Pin cushions I started last year.

I find it really had to throw away the pretty scrappy pieces if they are anywhere from 2 x 2 inches big. Smaller than that I can part with easily. These pin cushions were a great way to use up some scraps and will be good to add to my handmade gift stash :)

If you are seeking more creative inspiration have a look here 


  1. Cute! they would be gorgeous as full size cushions too

  2. They are really sweet Tammy. The little felt bird is a very cute. xo

  3. These are cute T!
    Great use of gorgeous scraps :)

  4. Loving these. Totally cute.

  5. What pretty colour combos and a great use of scraps! Where did you get the little tape measure fabric? Love them!!!

  6. These are too cute! Great idea for using up scraps too - I'm like you...struggle to throw out gorgeous little bits of fabric, so this is a fantastic idea for those pieces.

  7. These are incredibly cute!!! They will make fantastic gifts. Hey, and if the person doesn't sew, just stitch a ribbon on them and they can tie their rings to them! lol

  8. By the way, I love your Blog title and your pin cushions are so adorable, have definitely inspired me to make some scrappy pincushions with some Japanese scraps I've been hoarding.

  9. really perfect to turn some little scraps into something useful! your pincushions are beautiful!


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