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Hello! how is everyone this fine Saturday morning?
Got any great plans for the weekend?
I'm having a breakfast Date with one of my sisters who I haven't seen for quite a while so I am really looking forward to that, there is washing to fold and little Mr has a Birthday Party to attend, there will be some painting happening here and it will be just a lovely pottering weekend really. :)

Yesterday I spend some time in the potting shed/greenhouse and heard some Fairy Wrens twittering, I followed the Blue wren and his Jenny who, it seemed, were looking for a nesting spot.

I didn't get any great photos but I loved how this aspect simplified shape of the bird in this silhouette image.

I had some fun digitally altering it using Google Picasa for the editing. ( Its free )
Making it more of a stylised icon.

Now on to the bloggy Business :)
Hello to Katija who is a new member of my blog community, Welcome!

I'm sharing some of the interesting and talented bloggers from my general local area with you today :)

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. oh! I LOVE that photo!!
    It is a gorgeous silouette, I can see it framed and hanging on my wall :)

  2. The photo is just wonderful! I love the one in blue. Have a great weekend.

  3. You are one super talented lady Tammy :)

  4. Thanks for the mention :) The silouette is a little piece of art. Also love the new banner.


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