line drying clothes

Could also be titled 'Line Drying Washing' or 'Line Drying Laundry' - all are essentially the same thing :)
To my Aussie readers which is the majority this may seem like an odd post but did you know that in America some places have ordinances that will not allow you to erect clotheslines?? In some cases because they are not aesthetically pleasing! When I first heard this I was stunned it is something we just take for granted here in Australia and essentially accept as a given there will be a clothesline on any property. I personally would see lack of clothes line as an inconvenience as I'm sure would others who have lived their whole lives here :)

Line drying
Where I live we have quite distinct seasons winter mornings are often frosty and drying time is much longer especially on days that are grey and have an absence of wind. There are a few differences in the way I hang things during winter which are using only one peg on undergarments, increasing the spacing between items and  hanging socks singularly rather than as a pair with one peg. I almost always hang pants, contrary to popular direction, by the lower leg allowing the waistbands and pocket area at the top to hang low and get more exposure for quicker drying.

There are times in winter when I fall back on my dryer. Though these are only usually in extended periods of rain, occasionally I do fall back for convenience but really prefer to harness the free natural resource drying method if I can. 
I wash most days - 6 out of 7 I guess though I don't wash by a Schedule of a particular colour or item on particular days except in the case of towels and face washers which are always washed on Fridays after swimming lessons.  In Summer its much quicker and easier and I can hang what and where I like. The drying time is drastically reduced and guaranteed. In Winter if I see a forecast for a warmer day and the sun is out early I'm washing sheets; Which is what I am doing today. : )
Right on Cue my machine starts beeping so out into the fresh air I head.
Happy Monday to you guys!


  1. Tammy, I moved into a rental house earlier this year and would you believe, there was no clothesline. I walked around the house twice to make sure it wasn't somewhere and then accepted the fact that I had moved into one of the few houses in Australia without a clothesline. We are on one acre and live in sunny Queensland and no line!!! Rectified that situation quick smart.
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  2. When we moved into our house, I was so excited to finally have a Hills Hoist! But the positioning of it isn't that good... it's shaded in Winter to the point where I mostly just put washed clothes on our drying racks & carry them around the side of the house, which has a Northfacing brick wall (we might have to put one of those wall-racks up here, or a pergola with long lines for drying!) Mostly everything comes in dry, but at least if they are not, they are already on the racks and can be finished inside!

    It was a good drying day today, I got two loads done! I used to have more of a washing schedule, esp. for sheets & towels, but now in Canberra, I am an opportunistic washer and go with the weather...

    Laundry/ clothes washing... such an interesting subject as we all do it, some of us twice a day!


  4. Hi Tammy,
    I with you on this one. I put the sheets on to wash before I went to work this morning and the kids took them off the line when they got home. I agree about winter in Canberra, if I don't have it out on the line by 11:00 am, forget about drying that day.

  5. I remember reading that somewhere too and had to tell my hubby because I couldn't believe that with the world's resources needing to be conserved that they wouldn't let people dry their clothes for FREE! Winter is a hard time to get things dry and the shade here comes around quickly but we do get a bit more sunshine here in Queensland. Hope you are having a sunny day. xo

  6. My inlaws are American and live in Orange County, California where the sun doesn't stop shining. NO CLOTHES LINES ALLOWED! Very weird and so not 'green'!

  7. Hi Tammy, I like your post...Until I came to the blogging world, I thought everyone hung their washing on the line to dry...boy was I wrong.....I was thinking about doing a similar post the other week, when we had rain for about 9 days straight...should have seen our house then..I had clothes hanging's amazing where you can hang a coat hanger....I didn't resort to emptying the dryer of bottles and using it to dry washing..I was so proud of myself.....
    I made some persimmon jam the other day..Mum loves it...I can still taste the chalky thing a little but I like it....hubby says no way..still got the chalky for the persimmons.


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