Holiday Photos.

I started to share the holiday photos then got sidetracked. So now I present you with the Sleepy Sunday, Mossy trees and Wild flowers on a bush walk edition.

I'm meeting a lovely online friend ( and her friend ) for the first time today they are coming over for morning Tea :) I'm Happy Canberra seems to have put on some Sunshine for them.

Happy Sunday! Do you have any interesting plans?


  1. I love your nature photos Tammy. Just beautiful. Did you do something different with the blog? It looks fresh!

    Wish I lived closer. I'd have you over for morning tea! LOL

    Have a great day!

    Anne xx

  2. Gorgeous photos!
    Have a great morning tea, can't wait to hear/see what yummy you have baked.

    Your blog does look fresh but I am missing your header, it always says "Tammy" to me.
    I hope you are just getting ready to put a Spring one up rather than planning to do something more generic. xx

  3. I love those gorgeous, natural photos. The leaves in the log is beautiful. We are not too far from Canberra and it's a gorgeous day so far.


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