Happy Saturday!

Hello there lovely people!
and welcome to Suzie and massasad1 who joined us this week. :)

I told you guys earlier in the week that I was busy cleaning, organising and settling in. Planting seeds and seedlings and creating my home. For the family and I.

So my links today focus on pretty interiors and such.

Janelle Wind is an amazing creative soul, her love of colour and vintage things give her home a vibe I adore, her style is fun, whimsical, pretty and colourful.

Alexis at funktional home will help you get organised and is not without pretty pictures either.

A country farmhouse delivers just that! but be warned it is the pretty white country farmhouse of your dreams. 

Emily Henderson is for the sleek, modern, minimalist lovers.

and to round it out I'm including Katrina Chambers who was a contestant on the Aussie TV series 'the Block' 2011. Katrina and her sister Aime renovated a decrepit house in Melbourne. I really liked the sisters clean, industrial, eclectic style. ( is that even a style ? )

 Happy Paper Bee!

I found this little guy under the rug, forgotten and discarded so I put him where I though he would be happiest in the flowers on the hall-stand. The living bee's are very busy in the garden these days.

So tell me readers, when shopping for home wares on eBay if a seller/company has two identical items listed where one is an auction and the other is buy it now or reasonable offer, if the buy it now price is significantly higher than the starting point of the auction ... would the starting bid in the Auction constitute a reasonable offer on the other identical item ??? I'd appreciate opinions on this one.

Have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Aww, cute little paper bee!

    Wish I could help you on the ebay thing but am very inexperienced with this...

    Happy weekend to you, Tammy :)

  2. no the starting bid could be 99cents and quite unreasonable. No one would mind getting an offer though, they'll soon tell you no if they don't like it, you might get a counter offer or you can offer again at a higher price. You can search an items sale history under advanced search, completed listings, to get an idea of the going rate for something.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Tammy! Such fun to discover your blog and see all the great ideas you're sharing too.


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