Hand Sewing

hand sewing is happening In my Creative Space this week

I took the instructions for the project shown on the cover of this book 'Sewn by Hand' by Susan Wasinger and made it to my own dimension which just happen to be using  Charm Squares :)

I got this gorgeous fabric from my beautiful friend Corrie who I was lucky to meet In Real Life a couple of weekends ago, its Moda Oops- a - Daisy by Keiki.

The two pieces are back stitched together and filled with rice then the opening is slip stitched and a decorative top stitch is added to finish it off. I found this really satisfying to make and it was relatively quick.

The book is wonderful the writing is so lovely and you get a real sense of the enjoyment the writer gets from hand stitching. It has a great guide on every project which includes a portability factor rating and it has guides to all the stitches, tying knots, sinking knots, tools and materials. Its really, really lovely.

So I guess you are wondering what this is ? 
Its an Owie pack you freeze it and can alternately use it as a heat pack. The freezing idea holds immense appeal to me, these little bits are just the right size for small hands so children can hold them in place independently and its a soft fabric rather than a block of ice or piece of plastic, its tactile and malleable.

Its in the freezer now inside a plastic tub. I will make another small, long narrow one too. My gorgeous model is only modelling the size by the way. She is fine. :)

Do you ever hand sew items?


  1. Your "owie" is very pretty - is it filled with wheat?
    I don't hand sew nearly as much as I would like to, though I've planned to put it higher on the priority list!

  2. Doh - just re-read. It's filled with rice :)

  3. What a great little project, and it is a great size.
    Your gorgeous model by the way is a great actress, she looks like she needs the owie bag...glad to hear she is fine :)

  4. oh it turned out beautifully! and I'm so glad we got to finally meet but next time it has to be for longer:)

  5. Great idea Tammy and how gorgeous are those cushions that your model is laying on, i made my last table runner out of that, Eary Bird by Cosmo cricket isn't it?
    Now back to the owie's can you let me know how the rice goes when it has been frozen as i think these would be great for work and all the little burns we seem to get.

  6. very cute owie, much better than a packet of peas :)


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