Date Loaf Recipe

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting my online friend Rose. She came by for a Cuppa with her friend Naomi as they were visiting Canberra for the Craft and Quilt fair. Both ladies were absolutely lovely and I was so comfortable in their presence and having them in my home.

I am in the pink and Rose is in Red. Camellias provide a lovely Backdrop

I served Date Loaf and Apple Muffins. Both ladies commented on the Date loaf and I have chosen to share  the recipe with you today. :)


1 3/4 cups sifted SR flour
1 lightly packed cup Brown sugar
1 cup Chopped Dates
1 Cup boiling water
60g Butter
2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence
1 Teaspoon Bicarb Soda
1/4 - 1/2 tsp Mixed Spice.

Put Dates and Brown Sugar in a bowl and add your Butter ( slice this into smaller sections )
Add the Boiling water and stir until butter has melted.
Next Add Flour, Bicarb, Spice and mix it all up well, lastly incorporate the Vanilla to the mixture.

Bake in a well greased loaf tin at 180 deg for about 45 mins.

This is yummy with butter or simply unadorned.
I also occasionally add a handful of well crushed walnuts too.

Recipe for Date Loaf

Great with a Cuppa. :)

Have you ever met online friends in Real life?


  1. it's must have been nice to talk to a friend face to face i'm so happy for you both it's funny how things work out that her trip took her to you :)

  2. It's so wonderful to meet online friends.
    I have Pinned your recipe!

  3. Great job on the new header, very nice!

  4. I can guarantee that date loaf. :)

  5. Hi Tammy. I dropped in today and have had a lovely rainy day enjoying your site. You've even inspired me to do rainy day baking. Thanks for the lovely time.

  6. Lovely to meet new friends Tammy! Love the new banner xo

  7. How great to catch up, i have never met any online friends but one day i plan too.

  8. Love the new banner. And I *love* date loaf. It's a big hit for all the family.

  9. Ooh, the loaf not only looks delicious, it comes with a guarantee as well! Excellent.

    How wonderful for you both to meet up. I've met some ladies who were on an author's forum I used to visit several years ago. It was a little weird but so much nicer after having done so. We ended up having several 'outings' as a group. Good fun. :)

  10. It sounds like the two of you hit it off straight away, it's funny how that happens even though you've only ever talked on line before:) I really like the sound of the date loaf Tammy I think I'll put that on my menu list for next week. I have had a chance to meet one of my online friends Sandrine and one of Sandrine's online friend Sandi. We all caught up at the quilt fair recently, I was a bit nervous at first but it was really nice to catch up with like minded and lovely people in person:) x

  11. Hi Tammy, I just love your recipes....and yep, I've met online friends too....YOU and Rose....even a few others...It's always a pleasure to be chatting in real life...especially to people who have the same interests.

  12. Oh, I forgot to say I love the new look on your banner....very nice indeed.


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