Bedroom Painting

Now that little Miss's room is finished, her new bed has arrived and we are getting all that together we are able to start on Little Mr's room. We do Value that the kids are able to help with age appropriate tasks as it gives them a sense of ownership and contribution but also teaches them some basic Skills for the required task that they can call on in the future.

Over our years of home ownership and painting experiences we know the value of good preparation such as   why you should use blue painters tape and canvas drop sheets are worth the investment! 
Little Mr has a not so important task of taping the sheets together with regular masking tape but in the process he is also observing what Daddy is doing and being told the difference between the two things.
He will be allowed to help with the first coat of paint too.

Drop Sheets will go on top this just is additional coverage that allows for movement as we approach it slowly.

Blue and green were his chosen colours and at the last minute I did shy away from his chosen green as next to my chosen blue shade it was just too yellow based to work tonally together. So I opted for a still fresh but more blue based green, I don't think he will ultimately notice or mind as long as they are his chosen colours.
We are going with a majority of Dulux Post Boy ( blue ) with some Dulux Young Leaf ( green ) and will stick with the Antique White USA on trims and window frames.

*edit* I have added a more accurate depiction on the colours in a following post 

The only downside of being Daddy's helper ....
The newsprint ink on either side of the bath via little Mr's Feet!

 Have you ever undertaken a painting project with help from a child and what would you consider age appropriate tasks in this instance?


  1. Sam was 3 when she had her hand in painting my sons bedroom, it was our way of making her feel apart of getting ready for the new baby :)It was only the first bit with dad so it was fine. A little go's a long way.

  2. ooh! personally I love that green you have chosen :)
    The blue is nice too, I will be interested to see how it looks when finished as Mr 7 is wanting a blue wall when we paint his room soon.

    Last time we painted Miss 11 was 3 1/2 and she helped Daddy with some sanding and was allowed to paint some of the first coat too.

    They will both be helping with their own rooms when we make a start on them.

  3. I like the chosen colours Tammy, great dark colours for boys and I really like the tone too. Both of the girls love to help their Dad paint, they are 7 and 11 years old. They do need a bit of help and there is the odd touch up or two by their Dad but they don't mind. Enjoy the room decorating it looks like your little boy is really enjoying the process. x

  4. You look very well prepared & organised Tammy! Look forward to seeing it when it is all done!
    Kate M xo


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