Ballets Russes Mini Book

Warning you might need a cup of Tea - this is an image heavy and long post :)

Back in Feb. Miss 6 and I headed off to the Ballets Russes Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. I blogged about it at the time. With Elements from the Tarisota Parisian Glamour Collection I created this Mini Book to record the trip :)


The Eiffel Tower Charm was a great addition for this project 

Eiffel Tower Charm

I used my Papertrey Ink Bookmark topper die to create interesting tabs on each of the pages.

Page tabs 

I mainly relied on hand journaling and the photos I took that morning but also incorporated the flyer used in promotion which I cut up into portions and used both the images and text.

 I also punched a hole in my admission ticket and added that in, a great way of recording the date we attended and time span of the actual exhibition. I would have also added the bus tickets had I kept them.

Include brochures and tickets

This album contains a secret little envelope with a story about how her mother unknowingly lead her to a somewhat 'phallic' art installation and then as She discretely tried to remove the child before the child realised what she was looking at, the Child's tutu poked out into laser light and set off an alarm at which point mother and child ran away both giggling nervously as they passed stern faced security guard heading toward the area.

Phew Narrow Escape!

It had been a long time between Mini books for me and I really enjoyed doing this one. Though I put them all away in a box when they are finished and look at them now and again part of me would like to have them accessible and another part wants to preserve them.

So Fellow Paper crafter's how do you store or display your Mini books?


  1. What a fabulous idea! That will be such a treasure.

  2. That looks beautiful Tammy. What a great momento from the day. Funny you mention the Ballet Russes. There was a documentary on the ABC about it yesterday. Pity V8 Supercars was on or I would've watched it! LOL

    Anne xx

  3. Hi Tammy, sorry i have not been in touch for a while. Life has been such a whirl. I cannot believe its almost Spring. Do you remember the mini book i made over at The Pile as i commonly nicknamed it? I won a generous voucher for it. I love that mini, even though i no longer live in that home. I do have it on my table in the rear formal room where i often do things at night. Lovely open fire, large space and away from tv. It is a little frustrating as some things have been glued a couple fo times now, but i do not want to put it 'in a box' not to be seen or remembered. I do hope though that later in life others will look, feel, its a very tactile mini book ....and remember. Your mini is gorgeous. If it was me i would explain to Rachel how special it is to you and her and have it on a safe shelf you both can enjoy but out of harms way from other little ones (visitors)...I had thought of spraying my minis but have not done so, but have mod podged does offer a generous protection.
    Have a great week

  4. That album is GREAT!!!

    Wonderful - it will reinforce the memories for her as well.

  5. This is gorgeous T, I bet Rachel loves it!!
    You were so productive with that kit!
    I keep minis in a basket on the shelf with my but accessible :)


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