Aussie Farmers Direct Boxes

I wrote earlier this year about ordering from Aussie farmers direct.
At the time we were ordering the family boxes on a fortnightly basis, we have recently dropped to a couples box on a one off basis and this works much better for us providing I remember to order at the right time ; )

Aussie farmers Direct Couples Box

It also allows some freedom to go for a family box at times if we get low in fruit and there is a new veggies box that has since been added to the options. The other thing I love about the Couple's box is the actual size of the box! I found a way to use it again which is to flip the branded lid and refold it inside out giving me a black box with a Kraft coloured lid.

Aussies farmers Direct Boxes

I have these Stacked under little Misses desk with lots of Art work stored inside :)

Aussie farmers Direct Boxes

How do you store your kids artwork?


  1. Hi Tammy,
    I was asking you about their deliveries a little while ago when I first started ordering with them. I have since stopped buying their fruit and veg but to my surprise we were more impressed with the fresh juices and milk so we get that delivered every week now.
    Also, what you are doing with the boxes is brilliant! I didn't like to have a whole box to pack into the recycle each week either.

  2. We also get Aussie Farmers couples boxes and use them for all sorts of things - fabric storage, in the shed, the kids have one each with their drawing thing (pencils coloring books etc.). and they are the ideal size for a number of the ikea bookcases and shelves we have - bonus :)


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