Apple Muffin Recipe

This recipe is my adaptation of the Recipe called Apple Breakfast Muffins in the 'Thrifty Kitchen' Cookbook.


2 Apples ( I used pink ladies )
1 1/2 cups SR Flour
1/2 Cup wholemeal plain Flour.
3/4 cup brown sugar firmly packed.
1 cup Milk
1 Lightly beaten egg
1/2 cup oil
1tsp Bicarb Soda

Combine Brown Sugar, milk Egg and oil in a bowl.
Peel and dice one of the apples and pop in the bowl with the mixture, sift the SR flour and Bicarb into the bowl, add the whole meal flour too and combine it all. 
As with all muffins take care not to over mix, you want the ingredients to be just combined.
Spoon out into your muffin pans or cases it makes  a net 12 large muffins.
To decorate slice the other apple, cut the slices in half and arrange a little fan atop each one.
( that is a lovely tip from the book )

I cook these in a 175deg oven for 20 or so minutes until they are nice and golden.

These got great praise from all family members and I really enjoy them too, the texture is beautiful. I have topped them with cinnamon sugar as recommended in the original recipe.

I like to use Red ( or pink ) Apple in these which is milder for the fussy ones, what I usually have on hand and especially for the visual appeal of the red edged fan. 


  1. hmmmh, wow they looks so yummy;)I love everything with apples and cinnamon! thanks for sharing the recipe!;) will try it!

  2. Love the gorgeous crockery ... so pretty! M

  3. I made these on the weekend and they were delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)


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