Target Toy Sale

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The Target Toy sale has been extended until the 10th August!

Yesterday I took myself off to my first Target toy Sale and it sure is an event!
Toys every which way I looked! I have not previously been to one of these Sales in a Target Store but a Target opened in our local Town centre recently and it has become a frequent haunt of mine for all manner of things :) 

The target toy sale is an eagerly anticipated event by many it's great appeal and advantage over the other stores is that it is held outside the School holidays! Though we still have a few days of holidays left here in Canberra. 

The merchandising I saw in Target yesterday left no question as to what was happening there and with the toys spread through the store in the way they were it made browsing easier and avoided too much congestion in one area. If you are on a budget I would strongly recommend you grab the catalogue or alternately browse it online make a list of what you intend to purchase before you head into the store and stick to that list. Making it easier to stick to your budget are the many 1/2 price offers from Australias biggest brands! Did you know that Target have over 300 exclusive toys not available anywhere else? 

If facing the crowds is not for you, target have introduced online layby. This early Bird System ends on the 2nd of August so not too many days left to take advantage of this. The benefit of lay-by in this instance is that the lay-by lasts until Christmas giving you the advantage of not having to find somewhere to hide the gifts! and of course you have longer to pay it off 
If you want to take advantage of online lay-by

1. Go to
2. Search the toys available
3. Register and create your list
4. Select your lay-by location ( your nearest Target Store )
5. Submit your list ( You'll then receive an email confirmation including PDF Files )
6. PRINT the email confirmation and take to your nominated store to activate your lay-by ( 10% deposit is required ) on or before Wednesday 3rd August 2011.
* After submitting your lay-by list, please wait until the following day before activating in store.

On our shopping list will be books and Lego our kids are due for new Bike helmets, Certainly Board games after a newly created family board games night! We have a Thomas the tank fan in our midst and love Polly pocket! Daddy might like a 1/2 price ipod dock!

We are past the age of fisher price toys but there is a great range available and if toys are not your thing flick through to the Bikes, scooters and Skateboards or over to the technology There is a Nintendo 3DS bundle with a $130.00 saving!

You would be hard pressed not to find something suitable for gift giving even if your preference was away from branded and or plastic toys ( as I know quite a few of my readers would be ). 

Also included in this sale are baby car seats and nursery goods, Dress up costumes, Baby Dolls, Brands such as Bratz ( not our cup of tea ) and Barbie, Mighty Beanz and Transformers. There are Basket ball rings, Table Tennis Tables, Trampolines, Tricycles, Roller blades, Wii games ... and that is just to cover a few!

What will be an your gift giving list?


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