Sunday Snapshots

A peek at some of what has been happening around here :)

Still line drying the washing as much as is possible in this dreary weather.

I have moved lots of wood for the fire down by the house as rain is predicted for the rest of the week.

The tulip bulbs i potted last week are starting to sprout.

Today Little Mr is enjoying run of the house in the absence of his sister.

The clean up of our first freshly painted room begins. I hope I'll be able to show it soon furnished and decorated. We are still waiting on some final things so I expect it will be another few weeks at least.

I have been preparing the artworks for that room ;)
These two are Paola Zakimi prints and we have one of her original watercolours to frame as well :) Such a beautiful whimsical dreamy quality in these.

Basically we are staying inside except the brief moments when the sun shows its happy face, we have the fire constantly burning and I am drinking a lot of Tea! Staying warm is the order and priority of the day and I am embracing layering of clothing in a big way this year.

Hope you are warm this chilly Sunday.
Happy day friends.


  1. I love that front artwork.
    I bet it feels good to be getting on with the bedroom.
    It is overcast and chilly here today so we are hiding inside too :)

  2. How well those trees near your clothesline were planned -- deciduous so the sunlight gets through in winter! It's a gorgeous day up here, I am taking the opportunity to air out the house.

  3. Supposed to be sunny and 22 deg here Tammy but no such luck. Rain is ominous and not as warm as I'd like. Washing machine is going flat strap and the dryer will have to be used, unfortunately. Just about to fire up the oven for some baking for the week.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Freezing here too this week. I like it though. I must admit to having given in with the washing though after a week of rain. and have had the dryer going all day as we had completely run out of clothes!

  5. We are only getting our first real cold morning tomorrow and that is 3, i know not half as cold as you guys. So keep warm and hooray for layers, i love layers.
    That artwork is lovely Tammy, you described it exactly right.
    Keep warm

  6. That first photo does look very cold and grey. It sounds nice and cosy inside your house with a fire going and tea, I've been drinking lots of that too. I hope that tomorrow brings more sunshine your way. xo

  7. Just checking in to make sure you are ok

  8. Just checking in to make sure you are ok


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