I wont bore you with all of my Kookaburra photos but just some of my favourites. We don't see any around here though we do occasionally hear one calling in the near distance sometimes. I think they are such magnificent curious birds.
 These first three photos were taken at our holiday house and this bird was obviously a bit more accustomed to people as it let me get quite close to his perch were he scanned for food. He sat in this spot for a period of time most days.

By the Sea

In the country.

Last Day of School Holidays for us I am so used to the sleep ins I will find tomorrow morning tricky to navigate :)


  1. My fav birds! Great photos T.
    Seeing and hearing them just brings a smile to my face :)

    Good luck with getting back into school day routine tomorrow, the first few days are always a struggle here too!

  2. I could look at kookaburra photos all day Tammy. They're one of my favourites. Beautiful photos!

    Anne xx


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