Exploring Rock Pools

He slipped but I saved him from wet shoes :)

Peek a boo


Sea Anemone and shells

Little Miss had fun dropping sea snails in to the Anemones 
We are not as close to the edge as it looks



  1. Bee-uu-tiful snaps, Tammy! I love exploring rock pools, they're so tranquil. :)

  2. great pics T...we love the beach just as much in winter as summer!

  3. Oh I love love love rock pools!

    Nice to see hubby is behind the camera and you are in the photos for a change!

  4. Looks like everyone had fun.

  5. Wow, great photos! Love the little rockpools with their different contents. Particularly like the one with the light blue electric neon border!

  6. Looks fun Tammy, cold but fun and yes it is nice to see you in photos.


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