This Morning - A Frost

The ponds are frozen 
Frost extends Long icy fingers

Frost takes on Sugar crystals appearance.
Frost Melting like sparkling diamonds dangling from branches

Frost Melting providing bejewelled splendour 


  1. Gosh Tammy! What beautiful photos. Looks absolutely freezing down there. It feels like spring in the air up here. 23 deg C forecast for today. (Sorry. Don't mean to rub it in.)

    Anne xx

  2. Beautiful!!
    ...but I am glad I had a warm cuppa in my hands while I was looking at your photos :)

  3. Lovely pics Tammy. Like Anne, I am having a hot sunny day on the gold coast evern tho its winter!! and dreaming of cosying up inside on a frosty day.
    Thought u may be interested in my friend's blog about organic/additive free cooking etc,
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Those are amazing pics!

    I recon you were colder than us here in Hobart!

  5. Frosty sugar coated jewels - gorgeous! Brrrrr!

  6. Those photos are beautiful Tammy. I really love the first photo of the pond water, you can see beautiful patterns like snow flakes. It's very cold were you are at the moment, I hope you're keeping nice and warm. xo

  7. Stunning pics, Tammy!! The first pic is just divine. Frost to me calls up an imagery of a silent creeper..coming along in the dead of night slowly slithering down slopes leaving and icy touch in it's wake..spooky and creepy in it's own way.

    Aren't the long icy fingers on the plant growth fascinating! Love them. :)


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