So ... I lost my Job.

On Friday last week.
Though truth be told I had been waiting for it to come to that point for at least a couple of weeks.

I visited a friend on Monday. She gave me some Lemons.

Having had 20 years of experience, most of it in management lets me sometimes lets me see things beyond my role in an organisation. So logically I know as the only casual employee in the office once the work load starts to decline my position is the most negotiable one. My smaller workload can be easily allocated elsewhere.
Being mentally prepared for it though doesn't totally remove the sting of rejection, or is it a pain of loss? Either way it kind of suxs loosing a job through no fault of my own. 
I've never been fired before ...well ... except that time when I was about 17 I guess and working with a lot of older ladies making sandwiches at lunchtime and doing some cleaning tasks in a bakery. I hated that job. I guess it showed. as one day I 'chucked a sickie' and Mrs Milligan said something like 'I think its probably best if you just bring in your Aprons don't you? PHEW! off the hook that time! That didn't feel like loosing a job, it felt like being released from a sentence. ;o)

Now when I look at it big picture it has naturally run its course and it came to me at a time that suited me well. If you have been reading my blog a while you might recollect that it was literally handed to me by the universe  when I publicly said I was opening myself up to some new adventure. Working in that job when I had planned to take a bit of a break and see where I landed, handed me exactly what we needed at that time in our lives. It provided me with Ideal working hours. A much better working knowledge of Real Estate. It erased my naivety about buying property, and exposed me to the Auction process with such transparency that I would no longer be fearful of that process from either side. Ultimately it allowed me to place enough trust in someone ( multiple people actually ) to act as selling agent for our home.

So The Mr and I both see that if I had not had that job we could not have confidently made the decisions we did in relation to buying and selling. It increased my confidence in the processes through exposure to them, to a degree that allowed us to take the step we had been stewing on for almost 3 years. I really think we could be still sitting chewing our nails waiting and wouldn't have had the confidence to make the 'blow competitors out of the water' offer we made on this place. We might have spent more than we had to but we did pay what it was worth to us and really that is all that matters. As dollars are not the only currency being dealt with.

So here I am back at the beginning of that which I see as a circle.

We are thinking that I will actually stay home and be a Mum this Winter. We have had a crazily busy past 6 months so taking a breather and really starting to get settled in seems like a good option right now. Some nurturing is in order :)


  1. Sorry to hear that Tammy. Sounds like this job was really a gift to you and your family in the time you were there. Is there a possibility that they might pick you up for some more work when things get busier? Enjoy the time you have at home in the meantime. I'm sure this event, however disappointing right now, serves some bigger purpose in your life. Warm wishes, Anita. xxx

  2. Sometimes not making a decision that needs making is actually making a decision, with the exception that the Universe will come in and facilitate it for you.

    You know you needed this resolution, and, frankly, if you were let go because of the decrease of business, I really do not consider that to be a firing. So, you still have a fired-free record, if you so desire one!

    Certainly it makes no difference to you, but I am offering my congratulations on this new, free-er time to do what is more meaningful to you now.

    So...Yay you!

  3. YAY some time as a SAH mum - yup make sure you keep sane and do things for yourself!!!

  4. Sorry to hear this. A new season in your life maybe?

    Enjoy the time you have at home while you may. I love my job here at home.

  5. Tammy I often think the Universe knows far better than we do what is good for us.

    Enjoy your time at home!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  6. It really did all work out well in the end didn't it? The job was such a help in so many ways and you learned from it in numerous ways, the house move has happened at last. It wasn't you that was rejected, your casual load was offloaded elsewhere because of economics.

    Enjoy being home this winter Tammy.

  7. Sorry to hear about the job Tammy, but enjoy your time at home :)

  8. Oh I'm just new to your blog - but I'm very sorry that you lost your job. I'd be very upset too :(

  9. Oh, Tammy, I'm sorry to hear that. I am, however, impressed at how quickly you seem to be looking for the silver lining. Good for you, my friend. J x

  10. You're being very philosophical about it all... but yeah - still sucks!!!
    Still the universe has delivered to you what you needed before so in all likelyhood it will again... be ready Ms. Tammy to seize the opportunity :)

  11. Oh Tammy, it isn't personal. Its a simple economic equation. I'm sure your boss didn't want to let you go, but they do have to make the smart decisions to keep in business. They will likely ask you to come back when they do have more work. In the meantime, enjoy being a stay at home mum. After all, you've been very busy moving house!
    It may be that 'the universe' i.e. God knew that you needed that job to get you through selling your house, and now that that purpose has been completed He has something else planned for you next :)
    Just sit back and place it in His hands - you will be delighted with what is to come, I'm sure.

  12. Tammy, enjoy your nurturing and family time and make sure that you grab some time for yourself.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job Tammy. You sound so very philosophical and positive about the new change to your day, I really admire your wonderful outlook. Enjoy your winter, nurturing your family and yourself. xo

  14. One door closes, another door opens. See what community volunteer work is available in your area while you are not working through winter!


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