Preparing for a Birthday Party

Goody Bags assembled
Labels identifying food in the correct 'Pearlie' terms
Cupcake toppers ready
Notebooks in goody bags
A closer look at what's inside, the crayon is an eraser.


  1. Sweet gift bags Tammy. The little girls coming to the party are going to have lots of fun with those at home. I know that my 7 year old would love what's inside:) xo

  2. ooh! you are making me sad that it is an off year for parties here this year :( Roll on next year! lol.

    Love your party prep, have a Pearlicious day tomorrow!!

  3. Great goody bags Tammy, love the cake toppers. Have fun tomorrow.
    and happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. Really well organised and pretty!

    I hope it goes super upper well!

  5. Fun bags! I hope Miss Seven and her friends have a great time today.


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