Party Season Over.

Well the 7th Birthday Party is done and Dusted and thats our kiddo's birthdays over for another year. We only have a Birthday party every second Year and the number of guests invited is limited to the number of years old that you are ... so this year I'll be able to invite 40 to my Birthday ; )

Fairy cakes
Rose Petal muffins
A good part of my Early morning was spent with the Butter cream icing, my first try. The Fairy cakes were a huge hit, the rose petal muffins not so much. Little did they know they were all exactly the same thing, cupcakes. Just presented differently, I'm guessing it was the expensive cupcake skirts that drew them in to the fairy cakes and they got double usage us butterfly crowns and tiaras afterwards. :)

Daisy Fizz

Some recycled wrapping paper circled the lemonade bottles to present them as Daisy Fizz.
There was an unplanned reading of Pearlie and the Fairy Queen which was an unexpected hit with a captive audience. There was pass the parcel, playing on the trampoline and tree climbing too.

A Pearlie Reading
Official Judgement
A ruler was needed to convince this discerning crew who the true winner of Stick the gleam on pearlies wand was, although it was fairly obvious to the adults, the 6 and 7 year olds needed some concrete evidence.

Stick the gleam on Pearlies wand.

The mini sticky tape in the goody bags was much talked about and some beautiful manners were on display, it was great to see how this group of girls interacted outside of school too everyone seemed to have a good time. Now the grown ups are exhausted Birthday Girl is playing with some gifts, little Mr is watching some cartoons and I for one am glad its over for another couple of years ... theres still a clean up waiting but I am taking it very easy this afternoon.


  1. Glad it went so well T.
    I must admit I would have reached for the Fairy Cakes with the beautiful cupcake skirt first too :)

  2. Daisy fizz; how sweet! And what beautiful cupcakes... I can never even look at a cupcake without falling into a mad need for one... now where are those patty cases....

  3. It sounds like a great party, I hope the birthday girl had a great time. I love your cupcakes and daisy fizz, so clever. I hope your week is a quieter one. xo

  4. Looks like a lovely party Tammy. My daughter has opted out of having a party this year (God love her). She said "Mummy, I'll wait until I'm 10 for my next one." Don't know where that came from but I'm glad about it. I've got both kid's birthdays in November. How the hell did I plan that?

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. looks like a wonderful party!!
    kids always love extra icing, whatever has the most icing on top is the hit unfortunately.

    well done mummy ♥

  6. Over here we have parties every second year as well, although miss 18yo seems to have forgotten that this year.
    Looks like the party went really well, love those cupcake holders i can see why they were a big hit.

  7. Happy birthday to your little one. It looks like a great party, they are exhausting though, aren't they? We also put a limit on how many friends based on the age.

    Those cupcake holders are indeed gorgeous! (And the beautiful decorations too, of course!)

  8. tammy , those cupcakes look delicious , give rachel a big kiss from nan, im glad her birthday party went well , she looks very happy . i hope to get over there soon and visit you my beautiful daughter i love you and miss you lots xxxxx


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