Painting Update

The painting of the bedroom belonging to little Miss is slow going but progress is being made. This is the only section of wall still left with its original colour. Not quite right for us or a bedroom in our opinion.

The white we have chosen is Dulux Off White and I am really happy with it in this room, its not stark but also not too cream. I personally see more cream tones as so bland and boring on walls.

The pink is Dulux Feather Boa Half shown here against the unpainted wardrobe doors and with some of the remaining yellow trim.

All the skirting boards and trim still need to be painted as well as some touch ups, if not a second coat on the pink wall. We will use Antique White USA on the window frame and skirting. We let Miss choose at her own will the colour for inside the wardrobe and it is a Dulux shade of purple called Holy Moly. Not to my taste at all but we can shut the doors and it will have shelving and clothing hanging in front of it to tone it all down. I'm looking forward to showing this room finished one day. :)


  1. Painting is such a slow process. Both of the girls still have a sample bit of paint on their walls that hasn't quite been painted over yet, one day.... The pink colour on her wall looks really pretty, I've got a pink girl room here too. xo

  2. I really like that off white. I am wanting the same kind of colour for my craft studio. We have transformed our carport into my craft workshop and it is currently all white. The white is great because it is so light and airy, but I think straight white can be a little stark and cold. IYKWIM. Will show your pics to Hubby so he knows the colour I'm looking for. There might be some serious redecorating going on here in the next month or so. Yeah. Thanks for sharing your reno.


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