Lego Mario

I was only saying to The Mr earlier today that through Lego I am beginning to see a creative ability in my son that I don't think my Daughter or I have. He is able to take pieces of Lego from sets and use them in other than their preconceived intended way to create an entirely different object!
I love seeing what he makes and creativity beyond my personally known realms!

Sometime shortly after this conversation I heard one of the children ask if there was Mario Lego so I googled it ( I'm so very dependant on Google ) and we went to images to see some amazing 3D Mario characters being built from Lego! 

The kids went back to the floor and started collaborating and constructing
Before we knew it these guys were built.


  1. Wow! Well done!!
    I love seeing the creativity Jake has with Lego too, it is great when they can use it outside of the sets and instructions.

  2. I Love them! They are fantastic! My son loves Lego too but I think Daddy loves it just as much. He has all his Lego from when he was a kid and many hours are spent building rockets, cars, and anything else their imaginations come up with.

  3. Lego just brings out the best in children, in particular boys!! Love Posie

  4. Clever kids! I know what you mean about the type of creativity Tammy, my late brother Michael did a similar thing with Mecanno when we were kids.


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