Cherry Ripe Cowl

Heres my first Cowl, its not quite right, perhaps not deep enough and a bit too stiff, I will try knitting my next one :) This is single crochet. Its cozy. I like no loose ends ;)


  1. Looks warm and you look satisfied!

  2. Looks perfect Tammy, great photo.

  3. Ohhhh Tammy I REALLY like it - ummm you have me inspired... I might just knit myself one up!

  4. I love it Tammy. I like the idea of no loose ends too - might have to try a cowl. Love the colour of yours and that cute flower :)

  5. looks great, pattern/instructions please! (Or is it so easy I shouldn't need any? I'm not great at knitting/crochet, I think I need a pattern anyway...).


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