CARS 2 - at the Movies June 23

So when I got home on Friday I saw blog posts popping up everywhere relating to the new Disney movie Cars 2! Curiosity got the better of me as these characters gave been members of our household for a couple of years now and it is an old fall back favourite for cuddly Sunday afternoons. I was quite happy and contented with one but knew some other family members would be over the moon to hear of two!

So I clicked on play and got more than a few laughs watching the trailer, the most notable one was a loud belly laugh in an empty room at Maters assertion of his intelligence when speaking to the suave newcomer  Finn McMissile voiced by Michael Caine.  This was just what a needed after a not so great morning.

Now to make this just a little more appealing to anyone who likes to save a dollar I'm happy to tell you that  the great people at Disney and Nuffnang are running a promotion. If you are an Aussie blogger just write a blog post promoting the movie and include the trailer they will send you out some movie passes to go and See cars 2 when it is released! The terms and conditions are here 

Cars two is released in Australia on June 23 and I am looking forward to taking my family along and watching lightening McQueen travel the world as he competes in the World Grand Prix and of course to get familiar with the worlds greatest Spy... 


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  2. Can't wait to see this!! As I am writing this, my family and I are watching the first one. We love this movie.


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