Bird Bath

We don't feed the birds here, well they take freely from our garden, but we don't supplement. We do however provide them with water. We have a free standing concrete Bird bath, two ponds and several hanging water bowls/dishes. We will add a very large water bowl soon.

I keep most of the hanging ones by the house, as seeing flocks of birds coming to them is interesting and never fails to delight us. This is the bowl outside my kitchen window, taken through the window.

This is how if often looks in the morning. We seem to have what I think of as 'Bird O'Clock' that usually falls between 7.30 and 9 am and flocks of small birds come down to enjoy the water sources. They drink from it and bath in it.

I have seen up to 10 silver eyes in and on this bowl at once with others coming sown the wires and waiting in the nearby branches. 
it never fails to make me smile.

Happy Holiday Monday everyone what is making you smile today?


  1. .I have a pr of Cardinals that come to my backyard they are such fun to watch. Him being so daring and her staying closing by him but out of harms way. I do not feed in my back yard for my neighbors cat would get more birds. Yet, I do put seed , scraps ,etc out on the driveway apron where they can see the cat coming their way and fly off into safety of the near by tree. Such simple joys of life

  2. That would put a smile on my face every morning too :)

  3. Oh how georgeous!!! I want one of those but I suspect the neighbours cats would not help...

  4. What a beautiful morning greeting, Tammy. x

  5. So special, I think we need to find a spot for a hanging birdbath in our garden, though the parrots who have been attacking our fruit trees are not welcome! LOL

  6. How gorgeous are those birds...I don't think I have seen them before. They have definitely put a smile on my face.


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