What is appropriate and when?

I've been thinking a lot lately about Balance, Nurturing and Value.

The purchase of a stove top kettle and the waiting for the water to boil for a cup of Tea while it heats on the wood fire has me focusing on a moment, being in that moment and savouring the end result with more relish. 
I have been considering my life balance, what adds Value and What doesn't.

My decision making was given a dramatic push today by an unpleasant  ( to deal with ) overwhelming, seemingly inexplicable emotional display by my Daughter at School earlier resulting in the mother load of parent guilt and me questioning my own life choices.

Now my common sense tells me my Big girl does not regress to the level of Toddler age appropriate displays of emotional need if there are not some reason's behind it ... but what are they?
My common sense also tells me in some situations consequences are appropriate and so is walking away when your presence feeds or enables the behaviour ... but what are they?

Today was one of those Parenting situations you never envision your self in before you actually become a parent. One of those days when making the in the moment decisions was tough.


  1. Must've been the day for it Tammy. My 6yo daughter gave me the 'silent' treatment today, for the first time ever. Wouldn't talk to be on the way to school because it was time to go and she wanted to colour in. Six years old! What on earth is she going to be like when she's a teenager.

    Always hard to know what to do and if only we had the benefit of hindsight to know what could've caused this kind of behaviour. Both of my kids had a week of hell the other week (which caused my life hell) and it turned out to be worms. If only I knew.

    Such a big learning curve, isn't it?

  2. Ah, yes. And we never quite get it right, do we? Sometimes I think the real balance is in knowing when to let things go. We can't solve all our children's problems, we can't be there for every minute of their day. Sometimes we need to trust that they are just having a moment and that everything will be okay when the moment has passed. I think that often they don't know the reasons for their own behaviour... and sometimes they just need to know that the way they are dealing with their mixed-up-ness isn't the best way to go about it? x

  3. argh Tammy - parenting is just NOT easy !!!

    I always say go with what you feel is best...

  4. Be kind to yourself mama, we all have days like today, moments of doubt, guilt, self questioning. Your best is more than enough xx

  5. We seem to have plenty of those moments here lately. Wish kids came with a manual!


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