Testing ... testing

I mentioned on my garden blog a few days ago that a kind hearted person offered to lend me their Canon 400D for a few days. I've had such a lot of fun playing with this camera and I LOVE the clarity in most of the images, there is obviously a lot more to know about it than what I have learned in the few days I have been lucky enough to have it. my friend told me to text them when I was finished with it and they would collect it on their way home from work. Easier said than done.

So yesterday I was pleased when I took these two images with intentionally different focus and it was actually what I was trying to do.

I'm much more used to two handed operation now and will be at a bit of a loss when I give it back. 

I will send that text today. I really, really will. I think I will. of course I will. 


  1. Fantastic, Tammy - and fun, fun, fun! I'm loving the clarity of the second image..I dream of owning a 'fancy' camera one day.... Happy playing!

  2. I totally know what you are saying... when I recently upgraded my camera it was like a big triple WOW


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