Slowing Down

Though the calendar doesn't indicate it, it is already Winter.
Our wood fire is pretty much constantly burning, heavy blankets are on our beds, extra blankets drape over couches in readiness to fend off the early morning chill that the frost brings into our home. 

New Kettle and Cup
In light of the fact that we have the wood heater burning constantly I purchased us a kettle ( and a new cup as a mothers day present to myself ) I really enjoy my tea now. Though I am still using tea bags I do take the time to let it steep in the hotter water, I can smell the Tea now and the whole experience is generally more Hearty and wholesome some how. When we bring the kettle to the Kitchen we are sitting it on some old Ceramic coasters but I have got some Cast Iron trivets on their way to better accommodate it and protect the bench top. 

I have simmered Vege stock at a low heat all day on the top of the wood heater after starting it on the stove then realising I had an alternate heat/ energy source. Yesterday I used it to keep my Sautéed mushrooms warm and to warm my bread before I topped it with my Scrambled eggs. It wasn't burning at a high enough heat to toast but still held quite enough heat to keep what had already been cooked warm. 
My thought's are turning now to wondering if I could use a heavy cast Iron Casserole dish in a slow cooker fashion, on top of the heater? Has anyone done this or do you have any other ideas, tips and advice for how I can use it for food and not just heat?

Showing the vented area allocated as 'cook top'
Hope my local friends are keeping warm and far away friends are enjoying the closing days of Spring.


  1. We're in short sleeves up here in Brisbane and sporting umbrellas and raincoats these last couple of days Tammy. Except for a couple days the other week, we don't really experience the cold that much as our southern friends.

    I have no experience whatsoever with wood heaters so can't offer any advice. Before the kids, I always tried to get away to the Gold Coast hinterland just so I could experience a wood fire (and a glass of red wine to go with it LOL).

    Anne x

  2. I am the same as Anne... no need for a wood fire up here in Townsville! But I do love them :)

  3. Love the fires burning over winter, Tammy. Ours is set back into the wall and it's very frustrating not to be able to put pots/plates on it.

    I'm pretty sure Sonya at Permaculture Pathways cooks on her slow combustion heater. I think she posted about it recently...

    Enjoy those steaming cups of tea :)

  4. Sorry i cant help you either, but its a great idea.
    (i have two PTI packages on their way, can you believe it, i have found someone here who wants to buy some-that may end up being a bad thing for me)

  5. It's not nearly cold enough here for a beautiful fire like you've got going there:( My parents have a combustion stove like that, it's beautiful to sit in front of and enjoy but I never remember them using it for cooking with but I like your idea, practical and lovely to see too. Have a wonderful week. xo

  6. Even though I am in Qld, we do have a fireplace, it gets very cold in the house as it is double brick with cermaic tile floor. When it is burning I tend to put the saucepan with the spuds to cook at night. During the school hols and weekends it burns 24hours a day.

  7. I have the same kettle and I love it. It's so nice to actually wait for something and the whistling gets me every time! Wow, I would love a wood heater, lucky you!

  8. I use cast iron casserole pots on my wood heater all the time. I got mine from Aldi and Kmart (red ones). Sometimes i seal the meat on the gas stoves with some onions to get some flavour happening then pile in the vegies and stock and leave it to do it's thing on the wood heater all day.
    I love your kettle, where might i find one?
    Sami Jae:)

  9. Seems so odd to me to be thinking of frosts and cold weather in Australia, I always think of it as the land of perpetual sunshine! The weekend was great and very productive but I have to admit to feeling a bit like I'd been run over by a bus at work on Monday. Thanks for popping by mine recently, I love the little paper projects you make, especially with the PTI stamps as I haven't saved up enough pennies for them yet!! But don't take pity on me, I have plenty of other stamps believe me!!


  10. We recently replaced a kettle with a whistling stovetop affair and I LOVE IT. I mean, it drives me nuts that it doesn't turn itself off and all but I reckon it makes the tea taste more HONEST!


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