Pretty Moon

Last night, as I headed out at the last minute to grab a pot from the potting shed, to stick some unknown corms I had been handed into. I noticed this gorgeous Moon. It was about 5pm.

The birds were all sitting in the tree creating a beautiful Silhouette but the moment I clicked they all flew away, it was a total coincidence as they were at a distance and I was using the Panasonic, having given the DSLR back to its owner earlier in the day.

I played around with a few different inclusions to give some perspective. loving the colour of the sky at this time.

This is the Nectarine tree in our Yard with some random dead rose hips caught in it.

  I love the silhouette branches against the light evening sky its so beautiful. Boy it was Chilly.

Finally another Bird alighted.

Clicking on any of these images should enable you to see them in more detail.


  1. Lovely pictures Tammy. It has been bright these last couple of nights.


  2. I like all the shots but the first one is just about perfect.

  3. I wonder if you were looking at the moon at the same time as me!

    It was taking my attention as well : o )

  4. I looked up last night too but it was about 6.30 and it was very dark by that time. We had a cloudy sky and the clouds were skudding very quickly but the colours and feel was captivating. I didn't have the confidence to grab the camera, I didn't believe I could capture what I was seeing. I'm glad you did. It's ordinary moments that can be so beautiful. It reminds us to slow down.

  5. Gees Tammy it might havebeen cold but it sure didn't look like it. Fantastic photos,you sure do have a good eye.


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