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On my mind today is the potential removal of this garden bed which is currently the Vege garden. The removal of non Valuable ( to us ) plants from another area and widening of that Bed to be our new Vege Garden. Pop on over To Rhonda's to see what is on other Peoples minds :)

In the interest of full disclosure this is an older photo of the bed in question. It currently houses a few struggling carrots, some weeds and the large, now frost bitten pumpkin vine. Along with the Olive Tree at its shallower end.


  1. Good luck with your new gardening adventure. Mine is struggling along. I will perhaps use that as my ON my mind for next week after I do a bit of work in it this weekend.

  2. Good luck Becky. I just grow food too not flowering plants to much. B

  3. Tammy I meant to say that to you I must have lost my head for a moment. Sorry. B

  4. My urge to get my own vegie patch is just growing stronger and stronger... even though I know you've got a lot of work ahead of you to get that bed into shape! Hope it goes well, Tammy. x

    PS - 'Hi!' x

  5. Well you've picked the right time of year!

  6. I'm slowly trying to replace flower gardens with fruit/veggie bearing plants. nutritious can be beautiful...I just need to learn more about how to pick the right combos!


  7. Yeah, looks like some plants in the bed are becoming emboldened. Someday I hope to have the space to make gardening beds. Good luck!


  8. It's always so much work to move or enlarge beds but so worth the effort when you put those lovely vegetables on the table!
    Over abundance is on my mind today...

  9. Good luck with moving the veg bed. I hope it will go smoothly and the plants will settle in great !!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. We have been thinking LOTS about gardening (all raised beds) around here. Good luck!


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