Not exactly

Yesterday I made some muffins.
I had no baking powder and no suitable substitute so I left it out, I followed the fruit substitution suggestions on the recipe but used a combo of apple and pear in mine. The ones I made look not even remotely like the picture so I'll try these again ... they are tasty and got the thumbs up from the kids.

My aged stock list is in my food challenge is down a little to this ...

6 Tomatoes.
17 Apples ( various varieties ).
2 Green Pears.
Cos Lettuce
1  Red Onions
2 cucumbers
2 1/2 lemons
1/2 green Capsicum.
8 potatoes
13 Brown onions
1 small young pumpkin ...

Lost the cucumbers to compost.
Made balsamic Onion Jam...
From the fresher things subtract these
-2 manderines
-1/2 orange


  1. Don't you just love it when you walk on the wildside and try it your own way which works out better than the planned way. My Grandmother said "recipes are another persons way of making it ...she adds the love to the written recipe her way."

  2. I'd be stewing the apples and freezing them to serve as a warm dessert one night. :)
    We *love* warmed apples around here.
    Or bake one each for dessert tonight. Also super yum!


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