A meeting that inspired a challenge

Yesterday I met Nellymary from Just like my Nan made ( don't you love her blog name ) I know her from the Down to earth Forum.
She bough me some Quince and Apple Jam, some mushroom vinegar ( which smells sooo good ) and some of her handmade soap. She showed me some of her books and I showed her some of mine. We compared crochet as we are both doing something different but I don't think either of us really know what stitches we are using - in any case it creates a fabric so all is well.

I made the Upside Down Ginger and Pear cake from here.
I added a splash of milk to my cake batter.
Oh this is cake seriously Good I used a Bosc Pear for it, we both enjoyed it as did the male population of my household.

She encouraged me to eat something off the ground in my garden - and I did - ewww.
What I thought was a crab Apple is apparently actually an Apple - Apple.
We cut a pomegranate and she told me what was wrong with it.
We walked around the garden and she took seed pods from around the place as we walked, what she thinks are 7 year beans and some from self seeding flowers and decorative plants.
She also took a box of persimmon with the attitude 'there must be something you can do with them I'll give it a try.' :)

Some of what Narelle took.

Talking to some one who is so full of ideas, always has something on the go and doesn't seem to waste much at all really reminded me of a few things. Telling my stories to her was the final step in a series of co incidences that have been steering me this way for a few weeks now. I remembered how I was originally introduced to this group of people and their clever thoughtful ways.
I have wasted a lot in the last few weeks and leaning towards convenience more heavily too. However I have now set myself a challenge and I find it slightly daunting but I realised Food was at the base of how I stepped in here and food was what started my steps down this path. Food and my families connections with it are at the core of me and my Kitchen is so tied up in my self esteem.

So I am going back to food to see where this path takes me now.

I'll share my self imposed challenge in the next day or two.


  1. Oh, you're so lucky Tammy to meet Nelly Mary. She certainly is a wealth of information and a talented lady, according to her blog, which I also follow.


  2. Hi Tammy,
    that sounds like an awesome afternoon. I too am trying to reduce our wastage, the other day we made chicken soup from the left-over roast chicken carcasse instead of just throwing it out, and it turned out to be really good soup. Shane and I did WWOOF-ing in NZ a couple yrs ago, and one of our WWOOF jobs was picking a ton of persimmon, peel them and cook them for persimmon jam and sauce. It took days and we didn't even get to taste the end result :-/ I'm sure it was yummy tho and I actually like the fruit to eat, but rarely buy them as they are so expensive usually. I think you are lucky to have them growing in your garden :-)

  3. Looking forward to hearing what you have planned. :)

  4. Good for you Tammy! Food is always the starting point for me too, if it's off track I'm off track.

  5. I had a lovely time meeting you too Tammy. I am very envious of your garden. I keep dreaming about all those plums being available out of season....dried, frozen, preserved, dried...oh yummmm.....and the huge adventure you are yet to take from your garden...it's so established, you lucky gal. The Mushroom is called a ketchup, not a vinegar....I blogged about how to make it. I loved sitting around the table with you having a read of books I hadn't seen before, and I took away some great recipes too. Oh that upside down Ginger & Pear Cake was sooo delicious....I can't wait to try it on my family. Thanks for the seeds, and thanks for a wonderful day....

  6. I just had to come back and tell you that I made the pear cake for the family, and they loved it so much, I have now made a 4 batch....to put in the freezer...We ate one tonight...and 3 will go in the freezer...an easy, very delicious dessert all ready to go...Oh so yumm!!
    Thanks again Tammy....the family even reckon the cake trumps my Golden Syrup Dumplings....Oh; I used pear the first time, but apple this time. Will be blogging about it shortly.

  7. That dessert looks so nice, I am going to try it tomorrow with my pears, might even try apples too!

    Glad to hear you had a great time with nellymary and learned some new things, that's what friendships like that is all about.


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